The Best Coffee in Palma de Mallorca

Many who know what it’s like to be living on the road can probably relate to us in the two important things we try to find as soon as we arrive in a new city: good coffee and a strong internet connection.

Working while travelling gives you great advantages of seeing new places, and during the few hours when we sit down and work every day or so we prefer the hustle and bustle of busy (and sometimes not-so-busy) cities cafes to the confinements of our hotel room. Getting out of the hotel, in search of our ‘go-to’ spot usually takes us around the key parts of the city, so while we find our work base, we also get to make a mental note of what we see that we’d like to visit later on.

Anyway, Palma was a bit different. We tried for a good 3 days before we found our ultimate winner. We don’t tend to look online for reviews of cafes – usually people who review these places aren’t quite looking for the same combination of things we are so we play it by ear. But…our hotel told us that Palma can be a hit and miss with good cafes: get stuck in a tourist-crowded place, and it could easily turn out to be worse than a small alley-way café just down the road. So we took to the internet, to find out where at least a good coffee place is.

A staggering amount of independent bloggers recommended a number of cafes that we checked one-by-one, but in the end, the one we ultimately recommend to anyone who, like us, values a good coffee and a strong internet connection is La Molienda.


Here’s why:

1. The coffee is good. Not like good as in “it’s cheap and cheerful”, but as in the quality of the coffee is really good. Sam tends to be a very intense coffee snob. Growing up in Wellington, many are self-proclaimed coffee appreciators, but unlike myself, Sam actually has a palate for good coffee and he judges his coffee like so: a) do they serve flat whites? If yes, then b) does the milk taste fresh & is the coffee not over-extracted? La Molienda passed this test with flying colours…which is a change to the regular Espresso and Cappuccinos only that most other Palma cafes tends to serve, in favour of the more popular art of making Sangrias.


2. The internet connection. Ask the staff about the current password for the ‘La Mole’ connection. Another plus is that the staff won’t get annoyed at you for asking (there have been times when staff have been reluctant to give us access to WiFi in other cafes around the world, but the way we see it: if you decide to advertise a massive ‘Free WiFi’ sticker on your window, then it shouldn’t be a problem for customers to ask about it). Anyway, the internet is really fast, which means you can do more than just check your Facebook and emails.


3. By the time we got there, there were already people sitting there, plugged in and on their phones and laptops. There are power plugs so you can recharge, and the staff won’t go bonkers at you for using them. We always make sure we’re not intruding on a café’s ‘scene’ – if they don’t welcome people whipping out their electronics, that’s OK, but it’s not the place we need to perch at for a few days while we’re in town. The staff here really didn’t seem to mind – we stayed here for a good 4 hours on one of the days, and at no point did we feel unwelcomed. We did however order quite a bit of food and drinks throughout the time & felt good about leaving a well deserved tip most days (we’ve found this is not common culture in most countries or especially cafes, but we do like to thank those who accommodate our weird lifestyle).

4. One thing: the location of this place is a little out of the way. If you don’t mind navigating a couple of alley-ways off the main shopping strip, you won’t have a problem. First impressions are not the absolute best with this place compared to the glamorous alternatives in Palma, but I think that’s the way it’s designed: simply good coffee, for those who take it seriously without any of the added glamour.

5. Lastly, and this is only the topping on the cake, their menu is simple and succinct. They use fresh and healthy ingredients, and this was probably a big reason for our over-stay a few times.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 4.50.35 am

So, did we get it right? Have you been to La Molienda? Or is there another café we totally missed and should have gone to instead? Share your thoughts!

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